duminică, 14 august 2016

I have found the best London escort website

There could be a small problem with the fact that not in all the European countries this kind of activity is legalm but in London (and in fact I mean here the United Kingdom) this activity is more than encouraged by the authorities, as the money from taxation are quite nice, as the streets are now "cleaner", as all the illegal organisations have moved in another direction.

Now... a client from a corporate companies group wants to enter this industry with an escort agency and really needs a strategy regarding the web development and the advertising budgets needed to invest in the online business there to get the most out of a website. So, basically I was needed to analyze all the escort websites related to London escorting agencies and to make a checklist for all the elements that there are implemented there, the elements that are not implemented there and so on.

Finally, after a couple of weeks of studying the most interesting websites with the most relevant content I have to say that there is enough room in this market, and there are a lot of things that can be done in this business by having a website.

There are in fact a lot of local agencies that have a lot of womens in their catalogue, with a lot of offers that are targeting a very wide amount of interests, of services, and anyone can actuyally find what they are searching for - but at the same thing the interesting thing is that a certain escort can work at the same time or to better put it to have contracts at the same time with multiple escort agencies from the same city, but there are also larger and more serious (or with more quality) agencies like londonredlight.co.uk that have their own girls, which is very good from a business point of view.

So, probably those are the best agencies in London, the ones that have their own contracts and exclusivities.

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